Serena: In the end

Filmed by The Filmmaker (Fionn Mulholland)

What did I learn from these 4 days:

Art is like riding a bicycle (even though I can’t actually ride a bicycle)
It is hard for me to think outside of 3D space
Some of the best creative decisions happen at the last minute
Collaboration brings out the best in my ideas
Everything is an accumulation of past experience
Persistence is key
Don’t try and upload 4K footage unless you have high-speed NBN
Work with people who understand what you are trying to achieve, and they will bring out the best in you
Zara apparently only designs costumes, they don’t make normal clothes
Translation of experience happens in strange ways
Don’t ignore the small things, sometimes they hold the best ideas
Thinking holistically is good, but you also have to be specific with details
I am less productive in making new things when I feel the end is near
I make better decisions under pressure
4 days is both forever and over in an instant
Fionn Mulholland is a genius (but I knew that already)

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