circling into circling into circling

time folds in on itself in a constant spiral. a repetitive ritual reveals a thread of infinite detail. a quiet and contemplative practice to refine, secure, destroy, start again. going backwards to go endless and unrelenting cycle. round two was a second take. undoing in the doing while doing in the undoing. recreating theContinue reading “circling into circling into circling”

cr0nes: meditations on clouds – bandcamp and youtube

I am happy to say that when the tracks have finished being mixed, a full 1-hour album will be available on Bandcamp. This residency has enabled me to record a lot of music and also given me the time to attend to various admin tasks that will enable me to release it. I have newContinue reading “cr0nes: meditations on clouds – bandcamp and youtube”

cr0nes: clouds in order by colour (two short poems)

Clouds are not as random as they seem. Affected (created!) by environmental information – pressure, moisture, movement, air, heat, earth interactions. Interruptions. Clouds, limited by their atmospheric container. Coloured by light. Unknowable in their entirety. Music is not as improvised as it seems. Created (affected!) by corporal information – pressure, timbre, movement, air, heat, mindContinue reading “cr0nes: clouds in order by colour (two short poems)”

cr0nes: Meditation on clouds – day 1

It is the creative potential itself in human beings that is the image of God. – Mary Daly The music maundered in about 11pm, dressed as a meditation on clouds, in multiple parts. A piece of music that had also been clamouring for my attention for a number of weeks was captured in a soundContinue reading “cr0nes: Meditation on clouds – day 1”

cr0nes: final piece ready for stream

Pre-performance: After some rehearsal, my performance piece is ready to stream. As with all improvised music and live performance, I can be as ready as I want to be, but things will change and shift last minute, and what I end up performing may be entirely different to the recording I initially made. I choseContinue reading “cr0nes: final piece ready for stream”

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