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What is a response

How do you go from drag mime to this? To be honest I can’t consciously pinpoint the exact trajectory. After a slow start, I decided that when you can’t generate something from within, you can generate it from without – all roads lead to Rome after all. I started by shopping. After trying on aContinue reading “What is a response”

cr0nes: clouds in order by colour (two short poems)

Clouds are not as random as they seem. Affected (created!) by environmental information – pressure, moisture, movement, air, heat, earth interactions. Interruptions. Clouds, limited by their atmospheric container. Coloured by light. Unknowable in their entirety. Music is not as improvised as it seems. Created (affected!) by corporal information – pressure, timbre, movement, air, heat, mindContinue reading “cr0nes: clouds in order by colour (two short poems)”


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