Creative prompts for post-COVID times

this article originally appeared on Artshub. I am reposting here, to remind us all to be gentle, and view things in a new way. Playwright Fleur Kilpatrick reflects on the spirit of art-making and offers a series of prompts to get your creative juices flowing again. Photo credit: Nadiia Balytska/Shutterstock Fleur Kilpatrick Monday 13 July,Continue reading “Creative prompts for post-COVID times”

Artist 3, Round 1: Serena Chalker

in which we rediscover how to “art” It has been amazing to watch the other artists create something from “nothing” over the past 8 days. In fact, I am rather blown away by what has been achieved. This, naturally leads to a certain amount of pressure to live up to the standard that has beenContinue reading “Artist 3, Round 1: Serena Chalker”

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