cr0nes: Experiments in stop motion

goI have enjoyed using my phone to create these animations. I edited in the crow watermark device, using Photoshop, but I have decided not to include them in the visual accompaniment to the track I have recorded. My track is 10 minutes long, it may be that I repeat my first two animations for the duration, rather than trying to make a full 10 minute narrative. The pacing of these images may be too fast for the original track. The crow watermark is meant to provide a sense of motion to fairly still images, and invoke a slow meditation. In this iteration I feel it does not work.

I am considering making a separate piece of work responding to my response to Tomas with stop motion narrative. A response response. Luckily, I have recorded a multitude of music that I can set this animation to.


I have experimented with creating an illusion of action and leaving the outcome inferred. I like the tension this creates, and this is something I will explore further tomorrow. Paper Mountain and surrounds provide excellent settings.




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Experimental musician without a face. If you don't like swearwords, go play in someone else's yard.

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