cr0nes: meditations on clouds – bandcamp and youtube

I am happy to say that when the tracks have finished being mixed, a full 1-hour album will be available on Bandcamp. This residency has enabled me to record a lot of music and also given me the time to attend to various admin tasks that will enable me to release it. I have newContinue reading “cr0nes: meditations on clouds – bandcamp and youtube”

cr0nes: clouds in order by colour (two short poems)

Clouds are not as random as they seem. Affected (created!) by environmental information – pressure, moisture, movement, air, heat, earth interactions. Interruptions. Clouds, limited by their atmospheric container. Coloured by light. Unknowable in their entirety. Music is not as improvised as it seems. Created (affected!) by corporal information – pressure, timbre, movement, air, heat, mindContinue reading “cr0nes: clouds in order by colour (two short poems)”

cr0nes: Meditation on clouds – day 1

It is the creative potential itself in human beings that is the image of God. – Mary Daly The music maundered in about 11pm, dressed as a meditation on clouds, in multiple parts. A piece of music that had also been clamouring for my attention for a number of weeks was captured in a soundContinue reading “cr0nes: Meditation on clouds – day 1”

cr0nes: final piece ready for stream

Pre-performance: After some rehearsal, my performance piece is ready to stream. As with all improvised music and live performance, I can be as ready as I want to be, but things will change and shift last minute, and what I end up performing may be entirely different to the recording I initially made. I choseContinue reading “cr0nes: final piece ready for stream”

cr0nes: I want you to reply 3.gif

Completing this round’s animation series, based on a photograph by Armand Nimani. The series illustrates the universal quest to understand why, in a world where a benevolent and loving God exists, there is so much injustice and suffering. The statement, “I want you to reply”, a sweetly communicated gesture, deepened within me until it foundContinue reading “cr0nes: I want you to reply 3.gif”

cr0nes: stimulus->response=ad infinitum.

stimulus->response=stimulus->response=ad infinitum. I have found that the more I create, the further I digress from the work I am responding to. I feel like art will have it’s own way, like a potato growing a tomato flower, it will do what it wants. Stepping into the mirror, I go inward. Can I only paint myContinue reading “cr0nes: stimulus->response=ad infinitum.”

cr0nes: Experiments in stop motion

I have enjoyed using my phone to create these animations. I edited in the crow watermark device, using Photoshop, but I have decided not to include them in the visual accompaniment to the track I have recorded. My track is 10 minutes long, it may be that I repeat my first two animations for theContinue reading “cr0nes: Experiments in stop motion”

cr0nes: I want you to reply.gif

This is a first concept for the animation component of my residency. The image is drawn from an American photographer Ismael Paramo. His gallery on Unsplash is lovely.I struggle to find words to say about the Black Lives Matter movement, because it saddens and appalls me that it is even a thing. ‘All Lives Matter’Continue reading “cr0nes: I want you to reply.gif”

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