cr0nes: clouds in order by colour (two short poems)

Clouds are not as random as they seem. Affected (created!) by environmental information – pressure, moisture, movement, air, heat, earth interactions. Interruptions. Clouds, limited by their atmospheric container. Coloured by light. Unknowable in their entirety.

Music is not as improvised as it seems. Created (affected!) by corporal information – pressure, timbre, movement, air, heat, mind interactions. Intercessions. Music, limited by its instrumental container. Coloured by emotion. Unknowable in its entirety.

1 Kenrick Mills2 Thomas Ciszewski3 stanislav kondratiev4 Andreas Kind5 daniel bernard6 6 tom barrett6 7Stijn to Strake8 Mike Suarez C.7 Stephen Pedersen9 Theodor Lundqvist10 Laurenz Blickwedel11 robert bye12 unknown

                        1. Kenrick Mills
                        2. Thomas Ciszewski
                        3. Stanislav Kandratiev
                        4. Andreas Kind
                        5. Daniel Bernard
                        6. Tom Barrett
                        7. Stijn te Strake
                        8. Mike Suarez C.
                        9. Stephen Pedersen
                        10. Theordor Lundqvist
                        11. Laurenz Blickwedel
                        12. Robert Bye
                        13. Unknown

Published by cr0nes

Experimental musician without a face. If you don't like swearwords, go play in someone else's yard.

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