cr0nes: final piece ready for stream


After some rehearsal, my performance piece is ready to stream. As with all improvised music and live performance, I can be as ready as I want to be, but things will change and shift last minute, and what I end up performing may be entirely different to the recording I initially made.

I chose a white jumper to better show the projections on myself, and place myself into the scene that I have animated. CR0NES as a performer always goes masked, but I will wear a black medical style mask tonight, to honour the covid isolation space and also give my fave some demarcation from the projection. I intend to unmask at end of the piece but remain masked by the projection.

Post performance: completely different to what I had planned and composed, but such is the nature of improvised music. A lot of things went wrong, but such is the nature of online stream concerts. It is just important to roll with it and embrace the changes, similarly to what happened with covid. Problems often can’t be anticipated, and that’s just the way it is. Overall, I was very happy with the animations.

View the performance here:

Thanks to Fionn Mulholland for filming the piece.

Published by cr0nes

Experimental musician without a face. If you don't like swearwords, go play in someone else's yard.

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