Artist 3, Round 1: Serena Chalker

in which we rediscover how to “art”

It has been amazing to watch the other artists create something from “nothing” over the past 8 days. In fact, I am rather blown away by what has been achieved. This, naturally leads to a certain amount of pressure to live up to the standard that has been set by what can be made in this amount of time. I also have to remind myself that we made “The Dual Existence of time” in 3 days, when I think about it, but that was with two creative brains, so… maybe anything is possible.

I normally prefer shorter developments, where it is really necessary to just be on “go” mode all the time and not have time to second guess. However over the past 3 months of creative isolation (more in the sense that I have been more isolated from my creative practice than from other people), it feels strange to swing back into overdrive, and think that this used to be perfectly normal.

I am trying to be kind to myself over these 4 days, and find a balance between the creative drive and urgency, and the fact that I have not “art”-ed for some time. Breaking down the pressure, I used Tess’s excellent music as the backdrop to my creative thinking. I do feel the juices coming back, slowly, slowly.

I also wonder how to pivot my thinking into what works best for an online forum. I think in space, I feel in experience. How can I capture that feeling in a 2D format? What is important now, and what is the essence of the thing that can be captured online.

Lets wait and see. For now, this is what yesterday evening looked like:

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What I remember from my reply #isolatedincidents

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