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This is a first concept for the animation component of my residency. The image is drawn from an American photographer Ismael Paramo. His gallery on Unsplash is lovely.I-want-you-to-answerI struggle to find words to say about the Black Lives Matter movement, because it saddens and appalls me that it is even a thing. ‘All Lives Matter’ seems inclusive and equal but such is the subtlety of white supremacy’s pervasiveness in Western society that this “noble”-sounding statement actually doesn’t mean what it says. Reinforcing the status quo automatically devalues and erases people of colour. Advertisements on commercial TV are 7 minutes of whiteness. Destruction of birthing trees and sacred history for profit. It’s just erasure and erasure and erasure. I choke on rage and grief whenever I have to have ‘The Conversation’ with my family, who I love, about ‘aboriginals’. Unconsciously, I fear my marriage into a Latino family because I deeply accept and understand that people with black-sounding last names don’t get jobs. Will I lose my privilege??! I am disappointed in myself that I even have that thought.

Sadness steals my patience, but understanding my privilege shows me how weak I am. I see it, I grieve it, but I am not even it’s target. I just get drowned in the blood of it. I celebrate the strength of those riding out years of oppression. I pray that victory is imminent.

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Experimental musician without a face. If you don't like swearwords, go play in someone else's yard.

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