cr0nes: The results of my afternoon’s composing.🖤

I have created the piece that I animate, based on my experience of Tomas Ford’s bath time show – It’s called ‘I want you to reply, but I know it’s not possible.’ Tomas is a marvellous performer, and his natural ability to be hilarious while also inviting a heart connection inspired this piece of work. It was a small gesture, probably a passing thought, almost certainly improvised, but it stayed with me. Tomas creates a sense of intimacy with an unknown but human person; a beautiful humanity suffuses his work, which leads me to explore another time we share intimacy with strangers, as human beings – collective grief. I contextualised the statement ‘I want you to reply’ into my own experience with the events of 2020 so far.

My work tools.

I find my loosely composed, mostly improvised piece very emotive and soothing, as I found Tomas’ show to be. It was only possible to create after I had rinsed out a few improvisations inspired by events of my week.

While I have my stuff set up, I will keep recording tracks. I find they link well to the previous work because my recordings tend to sound very wet.

@cr0nes_ live on twitch
Track to be mixed

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Experimental musician without a face. If you don't like swearwords, go play in someone else's yard.

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